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To achieve stand out during the launch of a new iPhone, Vodafone took the unprecedented decision not to mention the iPhone, or Apple, in this campaign. We ran surveys across all networks to identify 150,000 people in the market for a new iPhone. We targeted them with creative that did not mention the iPhone, but highlighting that Vodafone had the latest smartphones and we scaled this to three million lookalikes.

Don’t mention the iPhone

Frequent shock headlines (e.g. “sugar is the new tobacco”) across the media have put the concerns of a diet high in sugar front of mind, but this newly acquired awareness has done little to reduce sugar consumption. Whilst many would like to cut down, they struggle because sugar is hidden throughout their entire diet. The answer - the world’s first Sugar Accumulator – currently live on mysupermarket.co.uk, a data visualisation of the sugar content in your online shopping basket, which updates in real time as you shop. Helpfully suggesting lower sugar alternatives, for products in the same food category which you can swap as you shop.

The World’s first Sugar Accumulator

The life insurance category has been built upon a religion of fear and guilt. Beagle Street is the heretic voice; truly passionate about their customer’s wellbeing. Our research showed that wellbeing was not just about the obvious healthy lifestyle, but also personal happiness, which was equally as important. Together with The Guardian we came up with the revolutionary ‘Happy for Life Project’. A huge undertaking, which tracked and elevated the happiness of the nation. We achieved this by inspiring and empowering people to make positive life changes. The execution saw Beagle Street completely transcend the category whilst driving unprecedented results.

The Happy for Life Project

This is the story of how the creation of a new month helped 100,000’s of smokers quit. In 2012 we created Stoptober, a 28-day mass participation quit event running across October. Stoptober was an unprecedented success resulting in October 2012 seeing more quit attempts than January for the first time ever.

Our work
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Our work